Cure Band products are produced by Adhesivos Internacionales S.A. ADHINTER S. A., a Colombian company created in 1965, under the name Coldesivos S.A.

ADHINTER' is one of the most important manufacturers of adhesive products such as bandages and dressings for the care of wounds on the American continent. The brand Cure Band has successfully competed in 21 countries around the continent for almost 30 years. ADHINTER belongs to the Tecnoquímicas Group, one of the top 100 companies in Colombia. Tecnoquímicas S.A. is a family company that was founded in Bogotá, Colombia, in December, 1934 to represent national and foreign companies in medicinal and personal care products.


Tecnoquímicas boasts eight productive plants and six logistic distribution centers, of 145,000 square meters, built on over 400,000 square meters of land with ample space for expansion. The company manufactures 87% of the products it sells. It handles about 5,000 raw materials and manufactures approximately 2,800 different finished products. This demonstrates its notable installed capacity in the manufacturing area.


The company annually sells around 350 million dollars. It goes directly to 37,000 clients in 590 places in Colombia. Tecnoquímicas exports to a score of North American, Central American, South American and Caribbean countries. In ecuador the company has stablishes its own operation.

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